Tough Mudder PA Review

Once again, we had an issue with the camera.  But, thanks to (and 100 freaking dollars!) we were able to recover a 45 minute section that we thought we lost.  As we work on that, I figured I’d post a few pics and give a run down of how the weekend went and some things we learned.

First of all, in my game day prep post, I had said that you should leave about 15 minutes or so to get to the check-in location.  I am sorry.  The close lost filled up extremely quickly, and the overflow lots were a 30-45 minute bus ride away.  To anyone that was late, I apologize.  If it helps, I was in the same boat.  We actually missed the very beginning of our run on Saturday and had to merge from the side.  We also made the mistake of literally sprinting up the first hill to try to get to the start line.  Bad Idea.  Luckily, I ran Sunday as well and was able to film from the start.  We have decided to merge the two films together in to one big continuous shot.  Hopefully it will work out well and I trust Viktor to do a good job.

One recommendation I have to stand by, however, is the long sleeves.  I ran with a compression shirt under a standard T-Shirt, and I do not regret it at all.  In fact, everyone on my team that wore won, thanked me for the recommendation.  My knees and legs were cut up and bleeding less than halfway through.  My arms, however, not a scratch.  The shirt also dried very quickly, so it was nice to have a black undershirt on to absorb the sun.

Fivefinger shoes?  I had two teammates that wore them, and loved them.  They wore the KSO Treks which gave them extra traction.  I have to say, if you have trained in them, or intend to train in them, go for it.  But make sure they have traction.

Gloves.  I actually wore gloves for this event.  I picked up a pair of MadGrip Progloves from Ramsey Outdoors for $10 and I absolutely recommend them.

They protected my hands from all of the rocks when crawling.  They made holding the rope easier.  And, most importantly, they were easy to take on and off so that they could dry, and so that I could take them off for the monkey bars; which is an absolute must.  I still have yet to see someone finish the monkey bars with gloves on.  And if you have, please leave a comment so I know it is possible.

Start day and time.  Start early, start Saturday.  If you don’t start early, you get stuck at obstacles.  Obviously, this is a nice break from the running, but we were waiting up to 35 minutes at obstacles.  You also lose daylight, and time to finish if you need it.  And run Saturday because they run out of everything by sunday.  We finished around 3 on Sunday, and they were out of small and medium T-Shirts at the finish line.  They were also out of bananas and cliff bars.  Not a huge deal, but it is disappointing to know that you just conquered the Tough Mudder (and paid $100 to do so) and they don’t have a T-Shirt that fits you at the end.

Habaneros.  Yes, habanero.  This was one of the mystery obstacles.  And personally, the most difficult.

No one was forced to eat the habenero.  But you’ve come this far and you can’t skip an obstacle now, right?

That’s me in red on Day 2.  I’m sure it didn’t help that we did a Tequila shot right before it, but you can see that it is also not an uncommon sight.  Those peppers were rough.  Day 2 especially.  I’m not saying skip them, I’m just saying “be prepared”.

Helmet Cam.  I did see a few people with helmet cams out there which is awesome.  It is great having a video to remember your adventures by.  A word of advice.  Bring a spare battery.  Unless you plan on finishing in two hours and twenty minutes, you will need it.  I’m not saying you can’t finish in that, but it is hard to anticipate where the bottlenecks of the course will be.  We finished Austin in 2:20 and the battery died 2 minutes past the finish line.  Every other event has been more than that and we have had to swap batteries.  If your battery does run out, there is a chance that the file may be corrupt.  This is the issue we had.  I spent a week trying to recover it using different methods, but ultimately had to resort to paying a company (listed above) to recover it.  All I’m saying, is be prepared.

That about sums it up for now.  I will be sure to write an updated “what to wear” and a tips and tricks section, it is just difficult to find the time.  On another note, we do have a Facebook page now so be sure to “like” us on there.  And please subscribe and comment.  We take any advice and I will be sure to update accordingly. Have fun and good luck in Vermont!!

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