Pa Electro Shock Therapy

It took us a while to get all the videos in order due to someone.. (me), not turning the camera off right when switching batteries, but I am working on putting them all together! For now, I hope you enjoy some electro shock therapy!
Some memorable ones (but not the only ones by far!)
The guy at 4:58, he was just asking for more!
Sean “Zombiehand” at 6:44! Go SwampAsses! and Jason right to his right.
Jim at 7:00, that face is priceless. You would think something just bit him!
Tyler, Mr Muddercam himself, smiling the whole way through at 7:12.
The video switched to day 2, Sunday shortly after this.
9:52, Hey thats Tiff and I!
10:47 Piggie Back! Thats the way through!
11:13 Another tough guy.
11:23, Human shield. Looks painful for everyone.
12:39, Tyler (thats right.. he ran both days!), Pete and his girls.

Thats a lot of therapy! Hope you all enjoy it and from what we can tell.. If you go through by yourself, it hurts more than if you go through as a group. If you run, you are more likely to fall than if you walk. I may have to try carrying someone next time and Ill let you know how it goes!

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