Tough Mudder New England – FINAL CUT – 5/7/2011

Tough Mudder VT 2011 – Final Cut – from MudderCam

It is finally here!

The entire track at the Tough Mudder in Vermont as filmed by the Swamp Asses. The slow parts have been edited out to make the video more enjoyable. Sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy.

And please, we love to hear your feedback.

Course Map can be found here:

3 thoughts on “Tough Mudder New England – FINAL CUT – 5/7/2011”

  1. The run was difficult, without a doubt. Starting with probably about 1.25 miles up hill was killer on my legs, and they followed it up with Killa-gorilla (up and down part of the mountain in slippery mud!) Many of the obstacles were just awesome though. The Berlin Walls were at least 10ft high and required great team work to get over:Awesome. Evil Knievel was a lot of fun, the Boa-constrictor you actually had to go underwater for (atleast with a helmet on… 🙂 which made them really intense. and monkey bars were better planned than any other race I have been in (moved people quickly, a problem in the others, hardly any waiting this time). Oh and the glacier was tons of fun, but by far the best was the slip n slide. I would run the whole thing again for that slip n slide! it was amazing. I had a lot of fun on this Tough Mudder, and it was tough.

  2. Guess I should answer your question though.. haha.. I have done (1) New Jersey, (2) Texas, (3) Georgia, (4) Pennsylvania, and this makes (5) Vermont. If I had to rank them I had the most fun on Texas with New Jersey close in second, Pennsylvania and Vermont were very comparable, and I would rather not talk about Georgia, we will leave Georgia in the mud. Texas and New Jersey.. are flat! makes them slightly easier, and obstacles are pretty evenly spaced. PA and VT were ski slopes, expect to climb a ski slope, a few times. They are hard, my legs pumped a few times, you better train for hills because you are either going up the hill or down it the only time it is flat is when you are going across it (doesnt happen much). All 4 of these were fantastic though! very challenging. as far as challenging goes I would vote GA (brutal running, keep in mind this is rating how hard it was to finish.. NOT how much fun it was), VT, PA, NJ, TX. Hope that answers your questions!

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