MudderCam in ESPN Magazine

That’s right, we made it in to ESPN Magazine.  But it wasn’t for our skill or our looks.  No.  It was because we like to drink while we run.  Check out the excerpt below, then make sure you read the full article.  It was definitely a good read.

I should probably note at this point that, despite having embraced my inner Mudder, this sort of thing isn’t going to become a weekend habit for me. It’s not that I can’t hack it, it’s just that I’m not obsessed with it, which many Mudders seem to be. Like 25-year-old Tyler Danielson, who is also at the event. He has a Tough Mudder season pass and is carrying 100 test tubes of tequila, vodka and raspberry schnapps in his CamelBak. He does a shot with anyone who asks. Danielson and his pals even down shots while dangling from the monkey bars. He has the Tough Mudder logo tattooed on his right calf and posts helmet cam video on It’s Danielson whom Dean has in mind when he talks about Tough Mudder becoming addictive.

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  2. Tyler, finally got around to checking out the article. Thanks for indoctrinating me into the Tough Mudder world, it is a great break from doing triathlons. Doing shots of Tequila and Vodka along the way is how all events should be. This weekend was an awesome experience, doing a Double Mudder in Wintergreen in a single day. we were able to scrounge up two bottles of beer from some gracious spectators. Thanks to your phenomenal skills of catching two open beer bottles from the fourth story of the condo! I probably should have gotten stitches in my elbow, it bleed all night. I now have a chunk of my tattoo missing where it is now an open fleshy gash. That is what Tough Mudder is all about! Catch up with you at work!

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