History of Mr Bubbles Part 1

This originally was just going to be a FB status update regarding this upcoming Mother’s Day, but the more I wanted to add the to story, the more I realized I could write an article on it.  To date, this bear has gone through 3 Tough Mudders, 1 GORUCK Challenge, The Color Run, Run to Home Base, and has raised over $5,000 for our servicemen and women.  He has become a symbol of teamwork, motivation, and just fun in general.  Countless smiles, photos, and teams later, he is still trucking on.  Most of my friends know of him, but most don’t know about him.  So here it is, the history, of Mr Bubbles.

The Acquisition

Almost exactly one year ago, I was trying to think of a way to make my upcoming Tough Mudder more interesting; a sign, fruity clothing, another wedding dress something.  Then, as I was walking through Costco, I stumbled upon this giant box of amazingly large and incredibly soft, stuffed bear. Costco Bear I had to have it.  And for $30, how could you say no?  So for the next three days, this new bear rode shotgun with me, to and from work.  Got a few looks, nothing big.  But everyone I talked to knew it was coming with me to the Tough Mudder.  And everyone thought I was crazy.  What they didn’t realize, was that the TM fell on Mother’s Day, and that I’d be carrying him in memory of my mother, who passed away a few years ago.

Bubbs rocking his "Running for Mudder" shirt
Bubbs rocking his “Running for Mudder” shirt

But why?  Why carry a giant bear?  Why not wear a shirt?  Or a hat?  Or a bracelet?  Or something normal?  First of all, I’m not one to do anything normal.  Second, and more importantly, was that I was carrying in place of the bricks I typically carry for her through my GORUCK Challenges.  Those six bricks are taped as one solid weight, that I have dedicated to her.  So, instead of doing the Tough Mudder with those bricks, I can carry my liquid bricks in my ruck, and my giant teddy bear on my back.  Little did I know how amazing of an experience this bear would provide.

His Name

Prepping For TMFor some reason, I had never thought of naming this lovable ball of fluff.  So while we were prepping for the event, he was leaning on a bucket when a group of girls came over and asked “What’s his name?”.  And without hesitation, I said “Mr Bubbles”.  I’m not sure exactly why, but it just seemed perfect.  Maybe it was because of the character in the game BioShock, or special agent in Lilo and Stitch, either way, it was now the name of my bear.

His First Tough Mudder Team

After countless harassment, I had finally convinced my buddy Keith to participate in his first Tough Mudder who also convinced his friend Tom to run with us.  I will say now, that I am so grateful they joined me, because it would have taken me forever to finish with that bear.  Every couple of miles we would hand him off, making sure to get our battle buddy through the entire event.  Weighing at least 40 lbs throughout the event, he was definitely a challenge to carry, and made it a very unique experience for the three of us.


The one thing that I was going to make certain, was that he was going through every, single, obstacle.  If you are going to show up to an event looking like an asshole, you better be sure to back it up.  It was certainly not easy, but between the three of us, we got Mr Bubbles though every one, including the low crawl, Mt Everest, and even Electroshock Therapy

Mr Bubbles

And so the legend of Mr Bubbles was born.  Stay tuned for more, including Capt. McGillicuddy, Bubbs as a Wingman, The Color Run, Becoming GRT, and raising money for WWP, GBF, and Home Base Program…


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