How to Add Grommets to Your Ruck for Drainage

I decided recently to install a few grommets in my ruck for drainage.   Now, when it inevitably fills with water, it will hopefully drain much faster when I have to hold it over my head.

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Having installed grommets before, I figured I make a quick photo step-by-step for installing in a new ruck.  Doing so is surprisingly very easy.

Step 1: Gather Supplies
Step 1: Gather Supplies – you will need grommets, a hole cutter, matching mandrel and anvil pair, backer block, and a hammer.  These can all be found in standard grommet kit, found online or at your local Home Depot
Step 2
Step 2 – Place the backer block on the ground, and line the hole puncher over it in the desired spot.  Using a hammer, hit the hole cutter until you feel it go completely through the fabric.  You should be able to pull the entire cutter through the hole you just made.

Clean hold punch

Step 3
Step 3 – Place the anvil on the ground with the grommet facing upward.  Place the new hole over this so that the grommet protrudes through it
Step 4
Step 4 – Place the second part of the grommet over the first part so that the first part completely goes through the second.  This is particularly tricky on the bottom of a ruck due to the extra padding.  However, it is not impossible.
Step 5
Step 5 – While holding the grommet together, place the mandrel on top of it and hold in place.  At this point, the fabric should hold itself around the grommet for the next step.
Step 6 -
Step 6 – Hit the mandrel, directing the force in all 360° to ensure an even and full fold of the grommets.
All done - repeat as desired.
All done! Repeat as desired.

5 thoughts on “How to Add Grommets to Your Ruck for Drainage”

    1. Hey thanks! Glad you like it. These are 3/8″. If you go to the first step about gathering supplies, the word “online” is actually a link to the exact kit I used.

      Please post a pic when you’re done, would love to see more rucks with drainage.

      1. Ok. Saw the link, but there were sub-options on the Amazon page and I wasn’t certain which size you had used.

        I hope to complete this over the holiday break. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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