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MudderCam in ESPN Magazine

That’s right, we made it in to ESPN Magazine.  But it wasn’t for our skill or our looks.  No.  It was because we like to drink while we run.  Check out the excerpt below, then make sure you read the full article.  It was definitely a good read.

I should probably note at this point that, despite having embraced my inner Mudder, this sort of thing isn’t going to become a weekend habit for me. It’s not that I can’t hack it, it’s just that I’m not obsessed with it, which many Mudders seem to be. Like 25-year-old Tyler Danielson, who is also at the event. He has a Tough Mudder season pass and is carrying 100 test tubes of tequila, vodka and raspberry schnapps in his CamelBak. He does a shot with anyone who asks. Danielson and his pals even down shots while dangling from the monkey bars. He has the Tough Mudder logo tattooed on his right calf and posts helmet cam video on It’s Danielson whom Dean has in mind when he talks about Tough Mudder becoming addictive.

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Review – Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Five finger shoes…  And all the barefoot running shoes have been getting a lot of hype lately.  Tyler introduced me to them 2 months before our first tough mudder (Tri-State, Englishtown).  I was certainly a skeptic at first.  They look ridiculous and on top of that the pair I got are not only toe shoes but bright red.  They were sure to get some comments.  I had heard they took some getting used to but that was okay but that was okay because I still had some time before the mud run.  I had been training in sneakers and having to ice my knees a lot.  My knees are not awful but I had ACL surgery and meniscus about 3 years ago and have had to ice when overwork my knee.  I started out slow. I ran 1.5 miles in them and stretched a lot.  That first day felt easy, but the next 3 hurt!  Apparently they were very hard on my calves.  It felt like I had softballs for calves.  Once my calves ripened a little and softened up I tried 2 miles.  Then took about 3 days off to massage my cramped calves… But those two times were the worst of it and one thing I forgot to mention (the reason I put myself through this apparent agony), even though my calves were killing me my knees were fine.  Since I started using the Five Finger KSO shoes my calves hurt but I figured that calves are a muscle and can adapt and heal pretty quick, knees on the other hand are mostly bone, and wear out.

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Tough Mudder New England – FINAL CUT – 5/7/2011

Tough Mudder VT 2011 – Final Cut – from MudderCam

It is finally here!

The entire track at the Tough Mudder in Vermont as filmed by the Swamp Asses. The slow parts have been edited out to make the video more enjoyable. Sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy.

And please, we love to hear your feedback.

Course Map can be found here:

Pa Electro Shock Therapy

It took us a while to get all the videos in order due to someone.. (me), not turning the camera off right when switching batteries, but I am working on putting them all together! For now, I hope you enjoy some electro shock therapy!
Some memorable ones (but not the only ones by far!)
The guy at 4:58, he was just asking for more!
Sean “Zombiehand” at 6:44! Go SwampAsses! and Jason right to his right.
Jim at 7:00, that face is priceless. You would think something just bit him!
Tyler, Mr Muddercam himself, smiling the whole way through at 7:12.
The video switched to day 2, Sunday shortly after this.
9:52, Hey thats Tiff and I!
10:47 Piggie Back! Thats the way through!
11:13 Another tough guy.
11:23, Human shield. Looks painful for everyone.
12:39, Tyler (thats right.. he ran both days!), Pete and his girls.

Thats a lot of therapy! Hope you all enjoy it and from what we can tell.. If you go through by yourself, it hurts more than if you go through as a group. If you run, you are more likely to fall than if you walk. I may have to try carrying someone next time and Ill let you know how it goes!

Tough Mudder PA Review

Once again, we had an issue with the camera.  But, thanks to (and 100 freaking dollars!) we were able to recover a 45 minute section that we thought we lost.  As we work on that, I figured I’d post a few pics and give a run down of how the weekend went and some things we learned.

First of all, in my game day prep post, I had said that you should leave about 15 minutes or so to get to the check-in location.  I am sorry.  The close lost filled up extremely quickly, and the overflow lots were a 30-45 minute bus ride away.  To anyone that was late, I apologize.  If it helps, I was in the same boat.  We actually missed the very beginning of our run on Saturday and had to merge from the side.  We also made the mistake of literally sprinting up the first hill to try to get to the start line.  Bad Idea.  Luckily, I ran Sunday as well and was able to film from the start.  We have decided to merge the two films together in to one big continuous shot.  Hopefully it will work out well and I trust Viktor to do a good job. Continue reading Tough Mudder PA Review

Tough Mudder Prep Part 2 – What to Wear

UPDATE!! We have given this post its own page! You can find it at the top of the page, or by going here. Be sure to check it out for our latest recommendations!


Welcome to part 2 of the preparation.  You can find Part 1, The Arrival, here.  Just fill in the new comers, my team, the Swamp Asses, and I have participated in three Tough Mudder events so far; Tri-State, Austin, and Atlanta.  We have made a few changes in preparation and attire along the way, and I will now document them in the hopes of making the next Tough Mudder as fun and enjoyable for everyone else.  In this post, I will break down the essentials for what to wear on game day.  Also, please post a comment with questions and we'll be more than happy to answer them.  Shall we begin?

I highly recommend that you wear shorts.  It may be chilly, but nothing dries off faster than a pair of light shorts.  Compression pants work well underneath your shorts as well.  Viktor wore a pair compression pants under his shorts for Tri-State, which helped him to stay warm and kept his knees free of cuts.  I however, prefer not to wear them.  I felt much more freedom as a ran and climbed, and I also didn’t have to worry about them filling up with mud.  Your knees will get bruised as you crawl through the tunnels, and as you climb the walls, but you will feel much more comfortable during the 10 miles of running.

I prefer to wear a compression, long sleeve shirt underneath a standard T-Shirt.  The primary purpose of this shirt is to save your arms.  You will be climbing and crawling through almost every obstacle, and these sleeves will make it feel so much better.  Be careful, though.  You won’t want to wear a cotton undershirt, because you will get wet.  And a cotton shirt will only hold the water for longer.  You want a shirt that will dry quicker so that you can keep warm and not have to worry about getting cold.  You might be wondering why I don’t suggest wearing the cold-gear undershirt.  The reason is that you will be running, a lot.  There will be times where you will run for a couple miles without another obstacle, or water.  Now imagine having to run a few miles, in the sun, wearing an extra thick undershirt.  Personally, it is more important to me to dry off and not have to worry about overheating or having to throw away a shirt.

Even if you decide not to wear an undershirt, you will definitely want to wear one that dried quickly.  It can get extremely cold in the water, and you want to get rid of that immediately.  And please, don’t wear a shirt that you expect to get clean again.  This is a mud run, and anything you wear will get muddy.  Extremely muddy.  Be prepared for it to always be muddy.

There are groups of people who choose not to wear a shirt.  I respect this, and have considered it myself.  However, there is one obstacle that has deterred me from this philosophy.  We Mudders know this as “Shock Therapy

Need I say more?

The Shoes
The shoes are easily the most important piece of your uniform.  It is difficult to choose a good shoe because they too will get extremely muddy.  This is made apparent by the mountain of shoes collected at the end of the event.  So what shoes should you wear?  For our first event, two of us chose to try out the Vibram FiveFinger Shoes.  In particular, the KSOs.  We chose the KSOs because they were recommended for running off road, and for water use.  We purchased them, and one of us, Viktor, actually trained for and participated in them.  His biggest complaint was traction.  As I ran straight up the mud hills in my brand new New Balance shoes, he slipped as if running on ice.  He has since chosen to not run in them and hasn’t looked back.  Vibram makes fivefinger shoes with much better traction than the KSOs, which may work a lot better.  But the second issue he had with them is that mud still gets in to them.  Now you are stuck running for miles with mud and sand finding its way between your toes.  Which becomes extremely difficult to clean out because these shoes are form fitting.  My recommendation?  A nice pair of clearance running shoes from Modell’s or Dick’s.  Like I said before, I ran up the side of a mud hill like it was grass, which you can see in the Tri-State video.  You also can not beat the comfort of a new pair of shoes.  I have washed and reused that same pair of sneakers for every event.  Other people have run in throw-away sneakers only to have them actually fall apart during the race.  It is obviously your call, but I liked the comfort and grip that my new pair of shoes provided.

Before every event I tell myself that I will buy a pair of gloves.  Also before every event, I forget to buy a pair of gloves and run without them.  In fact, no one on our team has worn gloves since Tri-State.  The big reason to wear gloves is for the rope obstacles and berlin walls.  It’s tough to say if they are absolutely necessary for these.  I have wanted them on a few, and not needed them on others.  What I can suggest is that if you decide to wear gloves, find a way to carry them when you do not need them; preferably pockets.  I wore gloves for Tri-State and threw them immediately after exiting the water.  They were way to cold to continue wearing and I had no way to carry them.  I have also noticed that gloves will not help you on the monkey bars.  You will notice when you get to them that there is a pile of discarded gloves right at the beginning.  You will also notice that anyone that attempts the monkey bars with gloves on inevitably falls in.  This is likely due to the fact that your gloves will be soaked and therefor will not be able to maintain any grip.  So if you wish to use them, wear pockets.

Most of you will be joining as a team.  I’m also sure you will want to finish as a team.  I suggest you find a way to identify yourselves from the rest of the herd.  We wore matching shirts for two events, and it made it much easier to spot each other.  I saw a few teams wearing matching arm bands which we may try in the next event.  It just saves you time after each obstacle.

That is all I can think of for now.  Please, please, please comment below with questions and suggestions.  I will answer as many as I can before Saturday.  Also, subscribe and look out for the tips and tricks for the actual event containing actual first person footage of each obstacle.  See you Saturday!!