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Tough Mudder New England – FINAL CUT – 5/7/2011

Tough Mudder VT 2011 – Final Cut – from MudderCam

It is finally here!

The entire track at the Tough Mudder in Vermont as filmed by the Swamp Asses. The slow parts have been edited out to make the video more enjoyable. Sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy.

And please, we love to hear your feedback.

Course Map can be found here:

Pa Electro Shock Therapy

It took us a while to get all the videos in order due to someone.. (me), not turning the camera off right when switching batteries, but I am working on putting them all together! For now, I hope you enjoy some electro shock therapy!
Some memorable ones (but not the only ones by far!)
The guy at 4:58, he was just asking for more!
Sean “Zombiehand” at 6:44! Go SwampAsses! and Jason right to his right.
Jim at 7:00, that face is priceless. You would think something just bit him!
Tyler, Mr Muddercam himself, smiling the whole way through at 7:12.
The video switched to day 2, Sunday shortly after this.
9:52, Hey thats Tiff and I!
10:47 Piggie Back! Thats the way through!
11:13 Another tough guy.
11:23, Human shield. Looks painful for everyone.
12:39, Tyler (thats right.. he ran both days!), Pete and his girls.

Thats a lot of therapy! Hope you all enjoy it and from what we can tell.. If you go through by yourself, it hurts more than if you go through as a group. If you run, you are more likely to fall than if you walk. I may have to try carrying someone next time and Ill let you know how it goes!

Tough Mudder Austin – FINAL CUT – 1/29/2011

The entire track at the Tough Mudder in Austin. As filmed by my helmet cam. The slow parts have been sped up.

Or view the entire, unedited tape, here:

Edited by Viktor B

Filmed by Tyler D (Helmet) and Tiffany T (3rd Person)

UPDATE:  you can find more course information here:


Anti-Flag – Angry Young and Poor
Linkin Park – Faint
Nickelback – Burn It to the Ground
CKY – 96 Quite Bitter Beings
Anti-Flag – I’d tell you but…
Buckcherry – Next to you
Egypt Central – Over and under
The Almost – Say this sooner
Sum 41 – Fat Lip
All-American Rejects – Move Along
The Offspring – Want you Bad
Powerman 5000 – Bombshell
AFI – Girl’s Not Grey

Tri-State Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder Tri-State Event
See Video, Map, and Obstacle list after the jump.

The Video:

The Map: