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Over the weekend of August 1st, 2014, I participated in the second most difficult “event” that GORUCK offers, the HCL.  For those that don’t know, The GORUCK HCL is “Back to back to back Good Livin’”.  Friday night at 5pm, we lined up to prepare for the 24 beast known as the GORUCK Heavy.  Upon completion, we get a few hour break before lining up again to start the standard 12 hour GORUCK Challenge.  If and when you survive the Challenge, you’ve got another 6 hour punctuation, the GORUCK Light.  At the completion of each event, the respective patch is handed out.  At the end of the Light, the coveted HCL patch is awarded.  

The Patch
  I am writing this post to document the weeks leading up to the HCL as well as the event for both myself and for anyone that is curious.

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Snow Shoe Half Marathon 2014

Over the weekend, eight of us set out on our very first snowshoe race, and for some reason, we chose to do the half marathon.  The laps were 6.5 miles each, and were brutal.  4 hours, many beers, some Fireball, and a broken sled later, we finished the first lap.  In an effort to keep a perfect track record of finishing every event Mr Bubbles starts, we went out for another lap.   This is just a post to show off a few of those pictures

History of Mr Bubbles Part 1

This originally was just going to be a FB status update regarding this upcoming Mother’s Day, but the more I wanted to add the to story, the more I realized I could write an article on it.  To date, this bear has gone through 3 Tough Mudders, 1 GORUCK Challenge, The Color Run, Run to Home Base, and has raised over $5,000 for our servicemen and women.  He has become a symbol of teamwork, motivation, and just fun in general.  Countless smiles, photos, and teams later, he is still trucking on.  Most of my friends know of him, but most don’t know about him.  So here it is, the history, of Mr Bubbles.

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Goruck Heavy 002 AAR

Let me start off by saying this was easily the most humbling experience of my life. I am no stranger to an endurance challenge. To date I have done 20 Tough Mudders, 7 Goruck Challenges (Class 080, 112, 131, 184, 213, 274, 352), the color run, and registered for the NYC Marathon. My training for all of these events has consistently been the same: Roller hockey once or twice a week and beer regularly. Occasionally I’ll go for a run, but people who know me can assure you, my workout regimen sucks. I have thankfully been blessed with a body that heals quickly and obeys my crazy-ass brain.

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